Airplane flyover videos – 2 of 2

Still photos of C-47Bs in video format. Photos taken at the May 2013 Planes of Fame airshow in Chino, CA presented by the Planes of Fame museum.


Video of C-47Bs, also at the 2013 Planes of Fame airshow.


Explained earlier Why am I posting airplane videos on this blog?

Short answer is to demonstrate to others the ease of using tech, for me to learn, and to have fun.

This is the second of two warbird videos. First one is here.

Here are two videos of a World War II cargo plane, the C-47. That aircraft is the military version of the DC-3, a venerable plane used for several decades after the war was over. A superb airplane.

In the 1990s, while on an audit trip, I saw seven of them on an active airport in Africa. Very cool.

The first video above has still photos of C-47Bs assembled in video format. This is short at only 1:16.  Reason for only still photos is when I do something on YouTube, the videos and still photos get mashed up at the transition from one format to the other. So, I put the stills in one video and the action shots in another. 

As of 12-9-13 the shorter video of still shots has 6 views. It was posted on 11-29-13.

The second video of C-47Bs has action shots of the planes at start, taxi, take-off, flyby, and landing. It is 8:24 long.  YouTube software offered to adjust for the shaky video. Go for it! That improved the quality a lot. You can see the horizontal adjustments in the shifting left and right borders. That detracts from the quality, but not as much as having me hold the camera.

As of 12-9-13 the longer video also has 6 views. It was also posted on 11-29-13.

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