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Opportunities are wide open in Williston – providing mailboxes as just one illustration

When I visited Williston in October, I had a wild idea of interviewing a provider of private mail boxes in town. Time didn’t allow any effort to pursue that idea.

Amy Dalrymple has published the interview I could only dream of:  Faces of the Boom: Entrepreneur delivers solution for those without an address.

Mr. Dave VanAssche runs MailBox Solutions Plus, providing mail boxes to people in Williston. My understanding is there is a huge backlog of people who want a PO Box. In addition to a waiting list, you have to give a mailing address to get a USPS box. If you are mobile, in an RV, or other creative living arrangement (like your car), you can’t get a PO Box to have an address. Without an address, lots of job & business opportunities are closed.

I’ve been in his shop.  He has quite an impressive operation. I’ve been aware of him since he opened his business and have been observing from afar.

He sends a text message when you get a package or any mail. That’s a superb service to customers.

He is providing other highly creative services to customers based on my sources. He’s doing a lot of things to be extremely efficient.  Haven’t directly confirmed what I’ve heard with Mr. VanAssche and those ideas weren’t discussed in the article, so I won’t mention them.

He opened his business with a great idea and a few dollars. His business is thriving.

If you want one of a long list of illustrations showing what creativity and drive can do in a place where there is actual economic opportunity, check out the full article.

If you want to see what it looks like to identify consumer needs and then meet those needs, check out the article. It’s also a clear example of creating solid economic value out of thin air.

If you are living someplace where you don’t have opportunity but you do have drive, you might check out the energy-based economy in North Dakota or Texas. Be forewarned: you absolutely have to work out your housing plans before you jump in your truck and hit the road.

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