About 40% of American households don’t have a landline

Cool graph in the Wall Street Journal article Consumers Weigh in on AT&T’s Move to Cut Landlines shows the steadily increasing number of households that have dropped a landline and only use cell phones.

My estimates from reading the graph show this portion of US households don’t use a landline:

  • ’05 – just under 10%, I estimate 8%
  • ’07 – over 10%, estimated 14%
  • ’09 – just over 20%, estimated 22%
  • ’11 – just over 30%, estimated 31%
  • ’13 – 39.5%

Last September, I mentioned About one-fourth of households rely on cellphones instead of landlines. So, 28% last fall, 39% now.

Article describes a town in Alabama where AT&T wants to drop landline service completely.

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