Oil production in North Dakota starts to recover from winter slump – 951,350 bopd average in February ‘14

Here is an updated graph of monthly production in the state, for the Bakken fields and whole state.

2-14 bakken and statewide

Can you pick out the winter months just by looking at the graph?

There were 18 days in February with temps 5 degrees lower than the usual frigid, 4 days with high wind that stopped completions, and production stopped on over a hundred wells because a gas processing plant was off-line for upgrades. With all that, production grew 16,224 bopd to 951,350 bopd.

That is off the high of 973,280 in November.

For more info, check out Amy Dalrymple’s report: Helms says curtailing oil production necessary to reduce flaring. Additional news there is planned rules for the state will place a limit on flaring, which will slightly hold back production.


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