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More good stuff on the Bakken – dumping, new rules for filter socks – 4-24

Here’s a few quick notes on interesting news that I won’t cover in a separate post: trucker caught dumping saltwater, new regs for filter socks.

4/9 – Million Dollar Way – The North American Shale Revolution is “For Real”; Won’t Easily Be Duplicated ElsewhereA variety of factors combine to make Canada and the US rather unique on the planet in terms of being able to extract a lot of shale oil and shale gas. Have mentioned that previously; this article pulls the concept together quickly.

4/15 – Dickinson Press, Amy Dalrymple – Truck driver charged with illegal oilfield dumping: Wyoming company could face more than $1M in penalties – An inspector for the state regulators observed a truck carrying saltwater heading down the road with valves open pouring the saltwater on the gravel road. That’s a major violation with lots of reports of it happening but few drivers getting caught. Said driver has been charged with a class C felony. If allegations are proved, he can say bye-bye to his CDL and hello to state prison. The company he was allegedly driving for will likely get hit with around a million dollars of various fines. They are allegedly operating without a license to carry oilfield waste. Hope they hammered real good.

4/17 – Dickinson Press – Supply and demand: In a booming economy, businesses compete for potential employees – Unemployment rate in Dickinson is estimated at 1.8%. McDonald’s is offering a $300 signing bonus for $11 an hour entry wages. Article says most businesses are having a rough time finding enough staff. Housing costs are a major issue for employees.

4/16 – Bismarck Tribune – Control of filter socks tightened – New rule from Department of Mineral resources effective June 1 will require filter socks to be stored at drilling sites in lead-proof containers and be picked up by companies licensed to dispose of such items. Quick progress. From my observations at a distance, the licensed contractor part could reduce the incidence of dumping. Possibly. Keep the level of radioactivity risk in mind – filter socks have a level of danger such that a piece of paper or clothing would protect you from its radiation. It is a risk that must be addressed, but certainly not cause for panic or worry.

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