Million Dollar Way blog ends. Update: Still operating

The final post at Million Dollar Way on December 27, 2014, The End Of The Blog, is no available on-line.

Bruce Oksol has decided to close his blog. All of the thousands of posts have been removed. At issue is hacking risk. He is seeing some sort of indicators that his site is about to get trashed. Apparently he’s gone through this before and is calling it a day.

Thank you Mr. Oksol for your prolific writing on the Bakken.

I have grown tremendously by reading your site for several years. I shall miss your near hourly posts.

Thanks, so very much for all the ways you have helped me grow. You have been a major factor in whatever amount of knowledge I’ve gained on the oil industry.

There is a small hint that he may bring the blog back. I’m not optimistic after seeing he removed all his posts.

Again, thank you for your writing.

Update 12/31 – Blog is visible again. The announced go-dark date is January 1, 2015. You have another day to read some great stuff. If you use an RSS feeder to read the MDW site, might be worth figuring out how to trigger reloading a few hundred posts in case you want to read them again. I still have a dozen or so with comments I want to work into my own posts when there is some spare time.

Update 2/26: Have been reading the blog nonstop since putting up this note. Have been meaning to get back here and say his blog is up and running, but haven’t done so, obviously. I’m quite pleased to say Million Dollar Way is still up and running and bringing us lots of useful info on Bakken.

2 thoughts on “Million Dollar Way blog ends. Update: Still operating”

  1. I really apologize for closing down the blog and then bringing it back up. As noted above, there were some issues I was concerned about.

    After getting way too many e-mails from folks who really appreciated the blog, I decided to bring it back up.

    Sorry about the scare.

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