Pending outbreak of hostility between the Federation and Empire. New intel on prospects for Star Trek and Star Wars battle.

Here are some news reports you  may have missed.

2/5/15 – Alex Luther at Youtube – To resolve the Star Wars and Star Trek debate, we can view a miniseries now in development. Hat tip to Popular Mechanics: Kirk Battles Darth Vader in This Fan-Made ‘Star Wars. Vs. Star Trek’ Trailer Documentary. (I corrected the title.)




Intel analysis on looming war between the Federation and Empire

12/29/14 – Gizmodo – Who Would Win in an All-Out Battle: Star Wars or Star Trek – Analysis evaluates the economic, social, and tactical factors that will be dominant if the diplomatic efforts fail and full-scale war breaks out between the Star Trek’s Federation and the Star Wars’ Empire.

As always, a democracy with freedom that encourages individual initiative has major advantages over a repressive, dictatorial system in which any initiative can lead to a quick Force-caused death.

There are massive economic, social, and innovation advantages favoring the Federation. However, it is the technology that will be massively decisive. Detection range of a Federation starship is trillions of kilometers with warp speed photon torpedoes that usually hit what they are aimed at out to great distances. Empire capital ships rely on visual detection (sensors being unable to detect a very close, unshielded vessel) and multiple shots are needed to hit what humans must manually track and target.

Essentially, that warp speed torpedo launched from beyond sensor range from a cloaked starship would detonate minutes before it could be detected. All the Empire’s capital ships in the entire sector would be randomized atoms before they had a clue that a Federation ship was anywhere near the battle field.

If the diplomats mess up this one too, I know I’ll be applying to the Federation’s academy. If they will have me.

2/17/12 – Marginal Revolution – How much would (did) it cost to build the Death Star? – Tyler Cowen and a host of commenters analyze the cost of building the Death Star. Question is whether the cost would be measured in constant dollars or in tons of ore. Also pertinent is whether intergalactic travel would make pulling ore off asteroids a trivial cost.

Also a debate whether it is the Quality Assurance, Reliability Engineer, or someone else responsible for the little problem with an unprotected vent. Conclusion seems to be its the fault of Sum Othergii.

Finally, a comparison of having a death star and being the only country on the planet with aircraft carriers, and having 11 at that.

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