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News reports you may have missed on history books you may have read – April 1

I’ve accumulated a few news articles over the last few years that expound on different books you may have read.  If you know the underlying titles (even if you have seen their screenplay adaptations), you are probably aware that for some unknown reason, the staff in bookstores usually misfile the books in the fiction section instead of history, where they belong.

Also a few other news reports you may have missed.

James Bond is an alcoholic with life expectancy of 56.

12-12-13USA Today – Yes, Mr. Bond, we expect you to die — from booze. In addition to his expected demise any day now, hand tremors from the cumulative effect of booze would have long since devastated his marksmanship.

How much gold was liberated from Smaug’s cave?

11-6-13 Wired – Does Smaug Have Enough Gold. An estimate of the amount of gold held in the lair of the dragon Smaug, based on the screenplay adaptation of the historical treatise of Middle Earth, Hobbit.


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Pending outbreak of hostility between the Federation and Empire. New intel on prospects for Star Trek and Star Wars battle.

Here are some news reports you  may have missed.

2/5/15 – Alex Luther at Youtube – To resolve the Star Wars and Star Trek debate, we can view a miniseries now in development. Hat tip to Popular Mechanics: Kirk Battles Darth Vader in This Fan-Made ‘Star Wars. Vs. Star Trek’ Trailer Documentary. (I corrected the title.)



Intel analysis on looming war between the Federation and Empire

12/29/14 – Gizmodo – Who Would Win in an All-Out Battle: Star Wars or Star Trek – Analysis evaluates the economic, social, and tactical factors that will be dominant if the diplomatic efforts fail and full-scale war breaks out between the Star Trek’s Federation and the Star Wars’ Empire.

As always, a democracy with freedom that encourages individual initiative has major advantages over a repressive, dictatorial system in which any initiative can lead to a quick Force-caused death.

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Sgt. Saunders, star of documentary series “Combat”, still in the labor force, with no immediate plans to retire

Sergeant Chip Saunders’ World War II exploits were chronicled in a 1960s television series, Combat!!, a reality show decades ahead of its time. The documentary series is available at Amazon here and here. A generation of youth grew up following tales of his experiences. Many of his peers found reward in hearing of his journey across Europe.

After he withdrew from public life for a season, this blogger is pleased to report that Sgt. Saunders is still at work, doing a little double dipping to increase his pension when he eventually retires.

Where is he now?

He keeps a low profile, but is currently a supervisor in the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank. I was able to track him down after a recent PR piece from the Richmond Fed unintentionally gave me a hint of his location. I can now confirm that formerly Sgt. Saunders is now a Lieutenant supervising a Quick Reaction Force in the Richmond Fed’s Law Enforcement Unit.

He continues to use a trusty, battle-proven .45 caliber automatic rifle as his personal weapon as he again leads a squad protecting American national resources.

Tracking down the WWII hero

Here’s the clue followed to track down Lt. Saunders: Vintage Thompson Machine Gun. The Richmond Fed has two of the trustworthy Thompsons in the Law Enforcement Unit’s inventory.

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Professional referrals

As a CPA, I frequently get requests for names of other professionals who could assist with particular needs.

As a public service, I thought it would be helpful to publish a list of the firms I mention most often.

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