More on the environmental and ecological devastation caused by solar power

I’ve been remiss in my coverage of the damage caused by wind and solar power. Have lot of articles to discuss. Will get started with articles I’ve accumulated on wing toasting solar power.

2/24 – Investors Business DailyCrispy Critters – Nevada Solar Plant Not For The Birds – The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project near Tonapah, Nevada is scheduled to open in March. During a test run, it fried 130 birds. Here is a mental exercise to understand the lack of outrage you have noticed:

If as many birds being burned by solar power farms built in the U.S. were to wash up on our beaches soaked in crude oil from a leaking offshore well, the outrage would be deafening.

The 110 megawatt plant (conceptual design output, which will likely be reached for many minutes each day) received a $737M loan guarantee funded by the trillion-dollar or so stimulus package.

‘Streamers’ appeared during the tests. That’s when a bird is burned so bad that it leaves a trail of smoke in the air as it tumbles to the ground. Sort of like a B-17 taking a hit in the engines streaming to the ground during the battle in the skies over Germany during World War II.

3/24 – Daily BulletinBrown pelican found shot, starving in Redondo Beach undergoing treatment – An emaciated dehydrated Brown Pelican was found in Redondo Beach about two weeks ago. Assessment and x-ray found a main bone in the wing was broken, with injury caused by a gunshot wound.

Someone shot a Brown Pelican.

That is appalling.

The bird is being treated. Prognosis is unclear because of likely infection. Even with full recovery, it is uncertain whether the bird will regain enough use of the wing to be safely released back to the wild.

Brown Pelicans are no longer on the endangered species list but are still protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918.

A State Fish and Wildlife representative said the person responsible for the shooting could face jail time of six months and a fine of $1,000. Chris Clarke says at ReWire that offense can get you 2 years and $2,000.

Anyone have guesses why I talk about the maimed Brown Pelican in this post?

I do hope that all persons/people/organizations hurting Brown Pelicans are found and prosecuted. All of them.

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