Two more data points on cost to build renewable energy sources

I’m accumulating data points on the construction cost to build energy facilities. Two articles give info on three projects:

  • $2.5M / mW – solar
  • $1.6M / mW – wind
  • $1.6M / mW – wind

5/29 – Star Tribune – Regulators give green light to largest Minnesota solar energy project – The state’s PUC approved a 100 megawatt project to be spread across 21 locations in the state. The Aurora Solar Project is owned by Geronimo Energy.

At the theoretical capacity of 100 MW, the project will be about one-fourth the size of the Ivanpah wing toaster project on the I-15 at the California-Nevada border.

Project will get a 30% federal tax credit if there’s any electricity generated by the end of 2016.

Project is quoted to cost $250 million.

Cost per megawatt:

  • $250M – expected cost
  • 100 MW – theoretical capacity
  • $2.5M – cost per megawatt

At a capture rate of 25%, the project will throw off an average of 25 MW.

4/6/15 – Denver Business Journal  NextEra Energy to build $640M Colorado wind farms – NextEra Energy Resources LLC announced two new wind farms in Colorado which are expected to be in operations by the end of this year.

The projects:

  • Carousel Wind Power Project – $240M for 150 MW which is $1.6M per megawatt. Electricity will be sold on a 25 year contract to a local power company.
  • Golden West Wind Energy Project – $400M for 250 MW which is also $1.6M per megawatt.

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