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Rounded to the nearest percent, solar provided zero percent of US electricity in 2014

large solar farm in England producing electricity

large solar farm in England; photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Energy Information Administration sent this tweet a few days ago:

EIA renewable sources tweet


How much of the total electricity generated in 2014 was from wind and solar?

Let’s do some math –

In 2014, renewable sources provided 13% of electricity in the U.S.

Of this renewable portion, 34% came from slice-and-dicers with 3% coming from wing-toasters.

Here are the results:

  • 0% – solar – 3% of 13% = 0.39%, rounds to zero
  • 4% – wind – 34% of 13% = 4.42%

Here is a closeup of the graphic:

EIA elect from wind solar

Hat tip: Million Dollar Way, of course.



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