General update on Williston and Bakken – 9/10

Looking south on Main, construction underway in 10/14. Photo by James Ulvog.
Looking south on Main, construction underway in 10/14. In 9/15, road is torn up a block or two behind where this photo was taken. Photo by James Ulvog.

An update on the number of drilling rigs in the state and several posts on Bruce Oksol’s current visit to Williston.

Here is a recap of the North Dakota rig count, all from Million Dollar Way. Some older data repeated for recent context:

  • 93 – 4/17
  • 86 – 5/1
  • 82 – 6/5
  • 73 – 7/9
  • 71 – 7/20
  • 74 – 7/31
  • 74 – 8/20
  • 76 – 9/1
  • 75 – 9/7
  • 73 – 9/9
  • 69 – 9/10 – rig count shows a noticeable drop. Perhaps breaking through a ‘trading range’?

Some general update:

9/2 – Williston Herald – Menards to open Wednesday Williston Menards will open on September 9. Store is at 405 32nd Ave W.  For those of us living on the left coast, picture Lowes or Home Depot.

9/9 – Million Dollar Way – Quick Note From The Bakken – First of three posts on Mr. Oksol’s semi-annual visit to Williston.

9/9 – Million Dollar Way – Second Impressions of The Bakken – Mr. Oksol noticed a lot of traffic, seems like more than he expected what with the slowdown in drilling.

9/9 – Million Dollar Way – Third Impressions – Lots more families eating out. Was mostly men a couple of years ago. Restaurants are only very busy instead of hour-long-lines-out-the-door swamped like it was a few years ago.

He speculates that even as the economy slows, lots of people will be going to Williston for a vacation break instead of Bismarck or Minot. He identifies this as the if you build it they will come idea. Huge amount of new shopping will draw people from a long way around Williston. Menards is open, along with a large sporting goods store immediately next door.

It is quite fun to read his posts and recognize the different stores and places he mentions. Sounds like there has been a lot of progress on the downtown road construction work in the last five months. Sort of odd that I can place it when he says the construction on Main Street south of the Penney’s store is done and the street north of the store is torn up.

I was amazed at how crowded restaurants were this past May when I was in Williston. Not quite as over-crowded as last October though. On that trip, there were about a dozen people in front of us waiting to get a sandwich at a Subway store.

Looking forward to seeing the Menards soon.

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