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Trial date for Keith Graves still set for October 19

Just checked the federal PACER system.

Trial date is still 10/19/15 for Keith Graves.  No comments on PACER since the pretrial conference on 9/28.

One odd thing is there are no orders to prison officials to transport two of the allegedly trafficked women to court. When the trial was set for 7/13, there were orders issued about 30 days before the trial instructing officials to transport the two women. There are no such orders this time. Perhaps they have been released from custody.

There is an order on 9/15 to transport Mr. Graves to court.

So, looks like the trial will start a week from Monday.

I expect another continuance or a last-minute plea deal. With my limited knowledge of court procedures, I cannot imagine how Mr. Graves could possibly be ready to present a coherent defense on 10/19.

Update 10/14/15 – PACER system shows two orders issued by a judge yesterday, October 13. The first is an order for the jail officials to transfer Mr. Graves to court for the trial. The second is for another jail to transfer a named woman to court for testimony on October 22 and 23. Her name corresponds to the initials of the person mentioned in count six of the indictment. She was allegedly trafficked from about May 2014 to about July 2014.

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