Looks like Keith Graves’ trial is a go for this Monday, 10/19

Image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com
Image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com


Update 10/19:  Federal PACER system shows a filing on 10/16 which gives notice for a pretrial conference at 1 p.m. before Judge Hovland.

Schedule for all four judges is visible here.

Mr. Graves has a pretrial conference at 1 p.m. on 10/19 with the trial scheduled to start at 1:30.  The trial is scheduled for all day from 10/20 through Friday 10/23.  The trial is one of several cases scheduled each day from 10/26 through 10/30. I’m not sure what it means to have a trial and several hearings all scheduled at the same time.

Looks like trial is moving forward this week.

As of this morning, I can find zero media coverage of the trial via an internet search.

Post as of 10/16:  Just looked at the PACER system. Filings through today (10/16) look to me like the trial will start as scheduled this upcoming Monday.

Jury instructions were filed and the US Attorney objected saying they want certain words included for two counts. They want “intent” added.

Witness list was filed by the government.

It includes 25 names. Ten of them are identified as being either federal, state, or local law enforcement officers. One of the local police officers’ name I recognize from previous articles.

Eight of the witness are females with initials that correspond to specific counts in the latest indictment. That tells me that all eight allegedly trafficked women will be present and testifying.

I’ve not seen any coverage of the trial in recent months. Can’t find anything about it in an internet search. But then on the other hand, a search doesn’t even identify my numerous posts.

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