Keith Graves’ trial began today, 10/19

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Only coverage I’ve found today is by Andrew Sheeler of the Bismarck TribuneJudge denies Grave’s request to postpone trial.

The trial has started, as scheduled. Jury selection is underway.

Mr. Graves complained he wasn’t told his previous request for continuance was denied, isn’t told things until five minutes before they happen, and hasn’t been allowed enough time to prepare.

The judge pointed out, amongst other things, that he has been in a Bismarck for about three weeks to allow him extra ability to focus on preparation, has accessed a computer for a total of only seven hours over two days in that time, and was clearly told there would be no more continuance.

For background, in May he was given 22 CDs filled with discovery material. That is a huge amount of material to read. The judge ordered the Rugby facility where he was held at the time to make a computer available to him. Apparently he either already got through it before the 9/24 transfer or wasn’t concerned about it until today.

Expected time for trial is still one and a half or two weeks.

Background:  Article points out Mr. Graves was arrested by local police on state charges in July 2014. The docket in PACER states a sealed indictment was returned on 12/3/14, with warrant issued the same day, arrest posted to PACER on 12/23/14, and first appearance on 12/23/14.

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