Data points for building solar farms at airports

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Have mentioned some of this before, but will post again to keep track of it.

12/3 – The Million Dollar Way – Minneapolis Airport Solar Project Twice The Quoted Rate for Solar Energy Projects at $7 Million / MW; No Problem – Increased Landing Fees – No One Will Notice

Two Minnie solar projects on top of parking garages at the airport.

The newer facility:

  • 3 MW in 8,705 panels
  • $20M cost
  • $6.7M / MW

Previous project:

  • 1.3 MW
  • $8.5M cost
  • $6.5M / MW

Milwaukee airport:

  • 1 MW covering 5 acres –
  • $6M estimated cost
  • $6M / MW

A consultant to the airport calculated the payback time is 75 years. The panels will have to be replaced two or three times by then.

Here are just a few of the many data points I’ve been accumulating. From 4/5/14:

  • $0.75M / MW – natural gas peaker turbines
  • $0.88M/ MW – gas turbine
  • $2.5M / MW – wind
  • $2.0M – $2.5M / MW – wind

Now you know why the photo above is of a super rich dude lighting a cigar with a hundred-dollar bill.

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