Outrun Change

We need to learn quickly to keep up with the massive change around us so we don't get run over. We need to outrun change.

Update on the wide open frontier of private space exploration

CRS6 launch. Photo courtesy of SpaceX.

CRS6 launch. Photo courtesy of SpaceX.

The competition for getting back into space is strong. Very cool.

1/22 – USAF Space and Missile Systems Center – SpaceX Falcon 9 upgrade certified for National Security Space Launches – Upgraded Falcon 9 has been approved for military launches. Gives SpaceX increased opportunities for USAF work.

2/1 – Behind the Black – Another 5 month slip of first Falcon Heavy launch April was the expected date for the first demonstration launch of the new Falcon Heavy. September is now the expected first launch. That is a five month delay. Falcon Heavy will be a Falcon 9 with two boosters strapped to its side.

Schedule of launches for the Falcon 9 is slipping, caused by upgrades to the vehicle.

2/4 – Behind the Black – Falcon 9 to be modified – We now know the reason the SpaceX schedule has been pushed back. The company test fired their recovered Falcon 9 booster, learned from the test, and is modifying the booster. The company has an advantage over every other space launch company ever – – they have a recovered booster and can see what actually happened.

Whatever it is they discovered, they want to incorporate into all future launches.

A momentary delay for big gain on every further launch. Very cool.

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