Update on Keith Graves sentencing – 2/11/16

Long term housing for Keith Graves. Duration of residence yet to be determined. Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com
Long term housing for Keith Graves. Duration of residence to be determined on 2/17. Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Now-convicted human trafficker Keith Graves is still scheduled for sentencing on Wednesday, February 17. That is the latest information visible on the federal PACER website.

A presentence investigation report was filed yesterday, 2/10, but is not available on the website. It is not noted as sealed. I don’t know the PACER system well enough to know what that means. Usually when something is posted it is available immediately.

Seems to me that filing the recommendation report on 2/10 is a bit late in terms of giving Mr. Graves opportunity to disagree with recommendations. I’ve been wondering for a while whether the sentencing will be postponed.

I cannot find any filings by Mr. Graves at the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals. That could just reflect that I don’t know how to work in the appeals documents.

Will keep my eyes open for sentencing information.

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