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A few fun things I’ve seen lately. Amazon opens its 7th fulfillment center in California. Animated short that is close to photo quality. GIF showing how applications have displace everything on a circa 1990 work station.

3/15 – Behind the Black – Check out this animated video. Consider the question raised by Behind the Black – with this quality of animation, how soon until human actors aren’t needed because an apparently live action movie can be 100% animated?


3/30 – DailyBulletin (Inland Empire area of LA) – New Amazon fulfillment center coming to San Bernardino, to add 1,000-plus jobs – This will be the seventh facility in California. San Bernardino is about 60 miles east of downtown LA. Amazon locations in the state:

  • San Bernardino – new fulfillment center; second one in the city
  • San Bernardino – previous fulfillment center
  • Moreno Valley, about 15 miles south of San Bernardino – fulfillment
  • Redlands, about 10 miles east of San Bernardino – fulfillment
  • Rialto, immediately west of San Bernardino – fulfillment
  • Tracy, Bay Area, about 50 miles east of Oakland – fulfillment
  • Patterson, Bay Area about 80 miles from Oakland – fulfillment
  • San Bernardino – a sorting facility, not fulfillment center

The second San Bernardino facility will handle small items. Bigger items, like appliances, go through the Redlands location.

That will be two fulfillment centers in the Bay Area and five in the east end of the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

All those facilities have been built in the last 3 1/2 years, since late 2012.

Article says Amazon employs about 12,000 people in the current six fulfillment centers

 1/27 – Vala Afshar’s GIF shows everything but the sunglasses on this desk 20 years ago being converted to an app by today. Some stuff, like the scissors, glue, paperclips, and tape didn’t actually become an app but are obsolete because everything else is an app.

Afshar gif apps eat the desk

I think this link lets you see the whole GIF:

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