Expected release date for Keith Graves, star of The Overnighters documentary

Long term housing for Keith Graves. Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com
Well-earned long term housing Keith Graves will occupy for a several decades. Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

The Bureau of Prisons reports an expected release date of December 24, 2043 for Keith Graves (register number 13523-059).

If you have been following my blog, you recall Mr. Graves was convicted on five counts of human trafficking, one count of drug distribution, and one count of drug possession.

His well-earned sentence was 33 years, 9 months.

Mr. Graves was a key player in a documentary titled The Overnighters, which covered Williston and the oil boom in the Bakken. We now know that Mr. Graves conned the producer and the pastor featured in the documentary along with a large number of women whom he trafficked.

Accuracy of my calculation of his release date

I previously made a partially educated guess that his release date would be July 2043. That calculation was based on what I could find for his arrest date, credit for time served, and an estimate for days possibly earned for good behavior.

So I missed by five months, from my calculation of July 2043 to now-public date of December 2043.

That release date could be extended if he looses any of the possible 4 years 9 months early release for good behavior which has already been included in the release date.

At some point before the release date he will likely be released to a half-way house to allow him time to reintegrate back into society. I’ll make a wild guess it will take several years for him to adjust.

The posted release date means he has a week under 27 years 7 months remaining in his sentence. Round to 27 1/2 years to go. He is 40 years old now, so will be approaching his 68th birthday at the calculated release date.

Current location

The BoP website reports Mr. Graves is not in federal custody.

My guess is he is still confined at Heart of America Correctional and Treatment Center (HACTC) in Rugby, ND. That is within driving distance of his attorney in Bismarck. Having him housed there would allow him to work with his attorney on preparing an appeal. He did not use his attorney during the trial. For his own sake, I really do hope he is making full use of his court-appointed attorney for the appeal.

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