Convicted human trafficker Keith Graves has been moved to a federal penitentiary

Long-term housing for Mr. Graves. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.
Long-term housing for Mr. Graves. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

The Bureau of Prisons inmate locator page reports that Keith A. Graves is now in custody at Victorville Medium I Federal Correctional Institution, located in Victorville, California.

Update 7-19-16: for future reference, his inmate number is 13523-059. His middle initial is A, for Alexander. Age 40 as of summer 2016.

Update 10-23-18:  Mr. Graves is still at Victorville Medium I FCI with an unchanged release date of 12/24/2043. Just 25 years and a couple months to go. His current age is 42, which means he will be 67 years old on his scheduled release date.

I’m not quite sure I understand why he would be at a medium security prison. I obviously don’t understand these things, but seems to me that a drug distribution conviction and five trafficking convictions would land him in a higher security facility.

Last time I checked, which was May 2, 2016, he was not yet in federal custody. My guess is he was at the Heart of America Correctional and Treatment Center (HACTC) in Rugby, ND so that he could be close to his attorney while working on his appeal.

As you recall Mr. Graves was convicted on five counts of human trafficking, one count of drug distribution, and one count of drug possession.

His well-earned sentence was 33 years, 9 months.

Mr. Graves was a key player in a documentary titled The Overnighters, which covered Williston and the oil boom in the Bakken. We now know that Mr. Graves conned the producer and the pastor featured in the documentary along with a large number of women whom he trafficked.

With Mr. Graves arrival at his veeeery long-term housing location, I may finally stop focusing on The Overnighters. On the other hand, I might just watch the documentary one more time to see if there’s any trivia I missed before.

I may need to check back, say every decade or so, to see where he is located.

The producer, Mr. Jesse Moss, tweeted this evening that the documentary will be showing at a film festival in Kiev, Ukraine for local filmmakers to learn about documentary storytelling. Good for them.  I do hope they will have a follow-up discussion of what has happened since the documentary was released.

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