North Dakota oil production recovers a bit in May 2016

oil production 08 to 5-16

Oil production in North Dakota dropped about 6.3% in April and recovered a little in May, increasing about 0.5%. Here is the average daily production for last three months:

  • 1,111,544 – March
  • 1,041,981 – April
  • 1,047,364 – May

Here are a few graphs that show the picture:

  • Average production by month statewide and Bakken only since 2008 is shown at the top of this post
  • Average production for the state by month since 1990
  • Crude prices by month, which shows a modest recovery
  • Value of monthly production, which show a faint whiff of a hint in the air that maybe production is coming back to life
  • Fracklog, which is the number of wells drilled to depth but awaiting fracking before production may begin

oil production 90 to 5-16


crude prices 7-16


value of monthy production to 5-16


fracklog 7-16


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