Tally of space launches in 2016

Antares booster on launch pad. Courtesy of Orbital ATK. Used with permission.
Antares booster on launch pad. Courtesy of Orbital ATK. Used with permission.

Here is a list of actual launches in 2016. Next post will describe the planned launches for 2017.

Parabolic Arc – USA, China Led World in Launches in 2016 – Supercool article describes the launch successes and failures in 2016, including a tally of launches by country and life vehicles. Recap of status of all the US players.

I pulled the tally of attempts and successes, including the launch pad failure of a Falcon 9 as an attempt, even though it didn’t get off the ground and thus is not actually an attempt:

success attempt goal
ULA           12           12           15
SpaceX             8             9           18
Orbital ATK             2            2
U.S.           22           23
China           20           22
Russia           18           19
Europe             9             9
India             7             7
Japan             4             4
Israel             1             1
North Korea             1             1
total           82           86

(Update 2/28: Oops. Corrected attempts for Orbital ATK from 1 to 2 {can’t have more successes than attempts!}, total attempts for U.S., and total attempts to 86 from 85.)

Here is the data I pulled from the article for the lift vehicles in play and number of times used in 2016:

provider lift vehicle 2016
ULA Atlas V 8
Delta IV 4
SpaceX Falcon 9 8
Orbital ATK Antares 1
Pegasus XL 1
China ?? ??
Long March 5 ??
Long March 7 ??
Russia Soyuz 14
Proton 3
Rockot 2
India Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle 6
Geosync. Satellite Launch Vehicle 1
Europe Ariane 5 7
Vega 2
Arian 6, debut 2020
Japan H-IIA 2
Epsilon 1
Israel Shavit
North Korea Unha-3 1

Article points out the tally for China shows tremendous progress in their space program.

Fantastic photos in the article, too.

Hat tip to Beyond the Black for pointing out U.S. wins launch scorecard for 2016. Article points out that even being grounded for about 5 months, SpaceX is in the range of launches achieved by ESA and  India. If they hit their planned pace, they will in the range of China and Russia.

Next post describes the plans for 2017.

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