Drop in cross-country travel time using a DC-3

Another post has a comment on how much the DC-3 shrank travel time to cross the country. Here is a description of how much that beautiful bird cut the time:

7/24- Popular Mechanics – Why the First True Spaceliner Will Change Everything – The beautiful DC-3 reduced the time for coast-to-coast travel.

Before the DC-3, it took 25 hours and 15 stops for fuel and repairs to cross the country. With the DC-3, there were only 3 stops for fuel.

(A video of DC-3s in a 2013 flyby follows, if you are interested.)

Article suggests that space places, which would get into space and allow travel to anywhere in the world in 2 hours would be the new version of a DC-3.

(Still photos and shaky video above are my feeble attempt at videography. Jumpy side borders in video is the result of Youtube graciously stabilizing my shaking photography.)

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