SpaceX launches another 60 Starlink satellites.

Starlink Mission by Official SpaceX Photos is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

SpaceX boosted another 60 satellites into orbit this morning. These will be part of its Starlink system providing high speed internet access to any point on the planet.

Video link to replay of launch is at end of this post.

This is the fourth launch for the Starlink project and increases the sat count to 182. The first launch was a test with only 2 satellites. The other three launches, including the one today, each carried 60.

Eventually the Starlink constellation will have 1,584 satellites at a 341 mile altitude. Merely an additional 1,400 sats to go.

I watched the stored video of the launch. As usually the video was astounding. Video link for the descent of the booster didn’t work this time.

The booster was recovered with great video of the landing. This was its third flight.

One of the two fairings was captured on the recovery ship. The announcer said the second of the fairings had a soft landing so it will likely be recovered and reused.

Second stage engine burn achieved good orbit. I joined the live feed and got to see the 60 satellites deploy. They will slowly separate and climb to their operational orbits.

For a replay, check out:




The link is:

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