What are the real reasons so many of our so-called leaders flagrantly ignored Covid restrictions?

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So many of my posts during the pandemic pointed out the elite in political, public health, entertainment, and media worlds flagrantly ignored the Covid restrictions they demanded we little people follow.

In a moment I will describe conclusions by the British Parliament that former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was lying through his teeth when he spoke to them trying to rationalize away the weekly social events he held for his staff.

I’ve been wondering for two years why so many elitists were so flagrant in their covid violations. I have developed several hypothesis with increasing level of severe implications.

First possibility, all these folks are flaming hypocrites who believe they are above having to comply with the rules everyone else is forced to follow. They speak soberly of the dangers and risks of Covid along with the steps everyone must absolutely take to protect loved ones and neighbors. Yet they won’t lower themselves to follow those rules.

More seriously:

Second possibility, they don’t believe Covid is extremely deadly but used the pandemic as an opportunity for a head tripping power-play. All these folks enjoyed flaunting that they have power and we don’t. They have so much power over us that they are able to impose rules on us and we can do nothing. They have the power to punish us for lack of compliance. They have power to decide what business is to close and what freedoms are to be suspended.

Most serious:

Third possibility, they knew at the time Covid was serious on the level of a harsh flu bug but used the pandemic as an excuse to party on, make money for themselves, give their buddies tons of money, restrict freedom, crush the economy, suppress Christians, and repress those unruly middle class & poor people. Large volume of reports are now emerging that make this an option we need to consider. Implications of this hypothesis is many or most of our leaders knew the pandemic restrictions were a sham from the start.

Next post will discuss public health officials who knowingly took steps to harm the economy and society. For the moment, more detail on the I-thought-I could-lie-about-anything-and-get-away-with-it UK Prime Minister.

6/15/23 – Wall Street Journal – Boris Johnson Repeatedly Misled UK Lawmakers Over Covid Parties, Report Finds – During the pandemic peak, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended multiple parties for which the sole purpose was partying.

You can see my previous posts on the former prime minister.

Back when news broke, the Prime Minister insisted he only stopped by for a few minutes, then said the meetings were necessary for various reasons thus allowed under Covid rules, and said his staff assured him the meetings complied completely with Covid restrictions. He then repeated these assertions to the parliament in person.

Well, none of that is actually true.

The privileges committee of Parliament issued a 106 page report. They found none of his staff gave him any such assurance. The report doubted that the Prime Minister would actually believe the purely social meetings were allowed under Covid rules – I guess the reasoning is that not even a career politician can be that dumb.

Essentially the report called the prime minister a liar.

Oh, he’s a former prime minister because he resigned as a result of uproar over the illegal meetings. He continued to be a member of Parliament after resigning.

He is no longer a member of Parliament. A few hours after he read an advance copy of the report, he resigned from Parliament.

At least one senior politician who was flagrantly ignoring the Covid rules he imposed on everyone else has paid a significant price.

He lost his position as prime minister.

He lost his seat in the parliament.

He is now known to the world as a liar and flaming hypocrite.

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