1,123 days into ’15 days to slow the spread’, the COVID emergency ends.

On March 13, 2020, President Trump signed the order kicking off government mandated restrictions in a failed effort to slow the spread and prevent further infections. On April 10, 2023, President Biden signed an order ending the emergency.

Yes, that is one thousand one hundred twenty-three days of the promised fifteen days to slow the spread.

1,123 days is enough time to have 74 rounds of 15 days spread slowing.

As a gauge of how silly it was to hold open the ongoing emergency, the Senate passed a resolution calling on the President to end the restrictions. Vote was an overwhelming 68-23. The House passed a similar resolution by 229-197 vote.

It will take decades to count the full cost of the damage caused by all the government imposed dictats allowed in the guise of slowing the spread. Areas which need study to determine the extent of harm include lost education of children, disrupted education of college youth, declining mental health, deteriorating physical health, increased suicides, increased addictions, deteriorated supply chains, damaged economic production, soaring inflation, labor shortages, lost freedom, damaged churches, disrupted spiritual health, and drop in economic vitality.

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