Follow-up on the death of Aubrey McClendon

I’ve previously discussed the unexpected death of Aubrey McClendon, a pioneer in the fracking revolution that is changing the world. You can find my posts here. Two official reports were released this week on his fatal accident. 6/7 – Wall Street Journal – Police Probe Finds Nothing to Suggest Aubrey McClendon Committed Suicide – Two … Continue reading “Follow-up on the death of Aubrey McClendon”

More updates on Aubrey McClendon

Additional coverage of Mr. McClendon and preliminary results of the investigation. 3/5 – Holman Jenkins at Wall Street Journal – Death of a Fracker – Subtitle is “Drill, baby, drill.” Aubrey McClendon did, and left America stronger, richer and safer as a result. Article says that whatever bit of economic growth the US has seen … Continue reading “More updates on Aubrey McClendon”

More on Aubrey McClendon and his powerful legacy

A few more articles on Aubrey McClendon. He will be well-remembered as a key player in the world-shaking energy revolution in the U.S. For background on Mr. McClendon and how he played a massive role in the energy revolution check out: 3/4 – Russell Gold at the Wall Street Journal – How Aubrey McClendon Led … Continue reading “More on Aubrey McClendon and his powerful legacy”

Aubrey McClendon, R.I.P.

May God pour out peace on the family and friends of Aubrey McClendon, former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, who died yesterday in an automobile crash. I hope his family and friends will work through their tragic loss and find peace at the end of the journey. Mr. McClendon was a pioneer in the radical transformation … Continue reading “Aubrey McClendon, R.I.P.”

How easily can US shale oil bounce back?

Will production of shale oil recover as oil prices rise? I’ve seen several articles discussing whether that can or will happen. Three articles saying yes, no, and maybe so. Yes. 2/29 – Reuters at CNBC – US shale’s message for OPEC: Above $40, we are coming back – Multiple comments indicate that $40 oil today … Continue reading “How easily can US shale oil bounce back?”