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More info on the timeline in documentary “The Overnighters”

I watched the director’s cut last night. Want to add some more data points to the timeline. Eventually I will integrate all these comments into one large post. In the meantime, I am building the story one post at a time.

8/12/13 – director’s cut – This is the date on the letter from the zoning and planning commission directing the church to close the program within 30 days.

At issue is violations of city code.

The ironic thing is Jay Reinke states in the director’s cut that the Fire Chief did a walk-through of the facility a year earlier knowing what the program involved and said it would be okay to continue the program. A year after the walkthrough? Time to shut it down.

9/12/13 – director’s cut – This would be 30 days after the city’s letter and therefore approximately the day the program closed. Read more…

Current status of Keith Graves, one of the main people in documentary “The Overnighters”

Image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Updates: Multiple updates through conviction and sentencing.

Update 5/19/16: Convicted human trafficker Keith Graves has been moved to a federal penitentiary. Mr. Graves is confined in Victorville Medium II Federal Correctional Institution.

We can drop the word alleged from our discussions of Mr. Graves’ actions while he was living in North Dakota.

Update: Welcome to those arriving on this page via internet search after watching the documentary on PBS. There are many posts I’ve written about The Overnighters. Enjoy!

If you watch the superb documentary “The Overnighters”, you will find that one of the central players is a man by the name of Keith A. Graves. Since the documentary was released he has gotten a lot more public attention and will be in the news even more over the next few months.

I am going to extend my discussion of the documentary beyond what I’ve mentioned before. I’ve been wanting to talk about more things for a long time. My new posts will not be in chronological or logical sequence, instead I will build my coverage one piece at a time.

Because Mr. Graves is such a major part of the story covered in the documentary, I think it is worth following his story. This will reflect back into the documentary as well.

Update:  Second superseding indictment adds additional count for another alleged trafficking victim.

Update: Third superseding indictment adds 11th count for the eighth alleged trafficking victim. Also adds a forfeiture claim.

Update 10/1Keith Graves trial still set for October 19

Update 10/16: Looks like Keith Graves’ trial is a go for this Monday, 10/19

Full disclosure

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Does anything exist beyond what I can see with my own eyes? “The Overnighters” as an illustration.



(Lousy photos by James Ulvog of a man camp. This small facility is in a small city between Williston and Minot. There are a lot of these man camps around Western North Dakota that provide basic sleeping and dining facilities. They are all full. Sorry I don’t have pictures of the many that I’ve seen which are far larger than this one.)


Just one aspect of the brilliance of Jesse Moss’s movie “The Overnighters” is that the nuance and subtlety in it creates a springboard for so many discussions. It also serves as a Rorschach test to reveal the worldview of those watching the movie.

One core question forces its way into view after looking at reactions by viewers. A few ways to describe the issue:

  • Does anything exist beyond the limit of my vision?
  • Is there anything more to a story than what a camera can see? Beyond what people say when the camera is running?
  • Is there more to know about any issue than what a movie can cover in 102 minutes?

From reactions to the movie, many people believe the answer to those questions is a resounding “no.”

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My favorite lines from movie “The Overnighters”. Some disclosures.

“I will not give in to despair because hopeless should never win and hopeless is a lie.”

Former pastor Jay Reinke, as the Overnighters program shuts down.

I agree. Hopeless is a lie. Despair is a lie.

“The problem is we’re working with sinners and some people are fearful.”

Andrea Reinke, as the family discusses complications of helping someone who is a registered sex offender.

Those are two of my favorite lines from the movie “The Overnighters”, which I watched for the second time last night.

Feet of clay

As Mrs. Reinke pointed out, everyone you will ever deal with is a sinner.

That concept has lots of implications. The movie does a superb job illustrating that concept. Consider:

“The Overnighters” movie available now

A movie about the oil boom in North Dakota, the impact in Williston, and how that played out in one church is now available at Amazon. I preordered a copy and it is downloading as I write.

Have been looking forward to seeing it a second time. I knew the story, particularly the ending, before seeing the movie the first time. Now I can watch the movie knowing how the movie presented the story.

Will have more to say about the movie after I watch it another time or two.

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More sentencing details on Silk Road dark web site – part 1

View of Mr. Bridges neighborhood for seven years. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

One more loose end on my reporting of the drug/body parts/contract hit/weapons/fake ID/explosives dark web site Silk Road:  sentencing for Shaun W. Bridges.

Update: After getting ready for followup to this post, I realized those are actually separate discussions. Thus, there will be no ‘part 2’ for this post.

He is the former Secret Service agent who, while assigned to the inter-agency task force investigating Silk Road, stole a large amount of bitcoins. He was sentenced to prison for 71 months.

The day before he was scheduled to report to prison he was trying to get out of the U.S. but was arrested for another theft of Bitcoins. He pled guilty and was sentenced to another 24 months, which the judge ordered to run consecutively.

He was also ordered to surrender 1,500 bitcoins, which were worth approximately $10.4 million at the time of his sentencing.

This post will discuss his sentencing. Next post will give some more background on his escapades which paid him a well-earned seven years in free federal housing.

I’ve previously walked through this exercise for Scott London and Keith Graves.

Release dates and actual time in prison

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Convicted human trafficker Keith Graves has been moved to a federal penitentiary

Long-term housing for Mr. Graves. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

Long-term housing for Mr. Graves. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

The Bureau of Prisons inmate locator page reports that Keith A. Graves is now in custody at Victorville Medium I Federal Correctional Institution, located in Victorville, California.

Update 7-19-16: for future reference, his inmate number is 13523-059. His middle initial is A, for Alexander. Age 40 as of summer 2016.

Update 10-23-18:  Mr. Graves is still at Victorville Medium I FCI with an unchanged release date of 12/24/2043. Just 25 years and a couple months to go. His current age is 42, which means he will be 67 years old on his scheduled release date.

I’m not quite sure I understand why he would be at a medium security prison. I obviously don’t understand these things, but seems to me that a drug distribution conviction and five trafficking convictions would land him in a higher security facility.

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Update on battle over crew camps in Williston

Lousy photo by James Ulvog of a man camp near Ray, North Dakota.

Lousy photo by James Ulvog of a man camp near Ray, North Dakota.

The fight over whether to shut down all man camps in Williston isn’t over.

3/19 – Bismarck Tribune – Man camp operators will fight back – The Williston city officials will have a second read of an ordinance to force all man camp operators within their reach to shut down. Target Logistics has dropped into the discussion a threat to sue if the city doesn’t give them more time to close down in an orderly manner.

The core argument is made yet again through an interview with a rotational crew worker. He works two weeks straight and then has two weeks off. Working twelve hours a day, plus time to get ready in the morning and turn in at night leaves little time to prepare food or do laundry.

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More background on Keith Graves’ sentencing.

Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

The view from Mr. Graves’ residence for the next 33 years or so. Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

As was mentioned earlier, on February 17th many women who had been trafficked in prostitution received justice when Keith Graves was sentenced to 33 years 9 months in federal prison.

Amy Dalrymple interviews several of the victims and explains After the trauma of sex trafficking, women struggle to cope. The emotional aftermath is severe. The trial was devastating for the witnesses, because Mr. Graves was able to cross-examine them in person since he was representing himself. Check out the article for a better description of the trauma involved.

Most of the sentencing documents are now available in the federal PACER system. Since those are public documents, I will post them as part of this discussion.  Feel free to read the following documents if you are really interested. Or really, really bored.

I will summarize and comment on the documents in case you don’t want to read them.


The sentence is 405 months for each of five counts of trafficking, with sentences to run concurrently and credit for time served. That is 33 years and nine months. Follow along with me for a few minutes and I’ll explain where the 405 number came from.

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Minor followup on media discussion of Bakken

Actual productive effort in North Dakota. Photo by James Ulvog.

Actual productive effort in North Dakota. No spin here. Fuzzy photo by James Ulvog.

Two minor followups, first on the evening soap opera ‘Blood & Oil’ and then a documentary about Williston. Mentioned both of these previously.

In addition to getting the production run cut from 13 to 10 episodes, the drama “Blood & Oil” took a two-week vacation on the schedule during November. I was wondering if the show was even going to finish out the run of 10 episodes.

Well, according to Wikipedia the show finally made it through airing all of the reduced run. Ratings and share has stabilized in the basement with the number of viewers trending down.

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Wild guesses on possible sentence after Keith Graves is convicted – part 2

Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Now that Mr. Graves has been convicted on five counts of human trafficking plus possession and distribution of meth, I have started to think about what sentence he has rightfully earned and will be justly delivered to him in full.

Previous post discussed why I am paying such close attention to Mr. Graves’ case. Short answer is this expands my understanding of the federal legal system, extends my detailed discussion of the documentary The Overnighters, and overlaps my interest in the shale boom in North Dakota.

This discussion looks at the offense level and my wild guess on possible sentence. Previous post discussed the concept of criminal history level.

Offense level

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Wild guesses on possible sentence after Keith Graves is convicted – part 1

Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Now that Mr. Graves has been convicted, I will start to think about what sentence he might earn.

Having noticed how closely I am following the case of now-convicted human trafficker Keith Graves you may wonder why I am paying such close attention to his case. After reading this post, you will be really curious.  (12-19-15 update) I hope this post explains my curiosity.

Why am I paying such close attention? Read more…

More details from last day of Keith Graves’ trial

Image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

After the string of tweets I mentioned yesterday, Andrew Sheeler filled us in on conviction day for Keith Graves: Jury convicts Graves on 8 counts.

The verdict

The difference between the 8 counts mentioned in the article and the 7 mentioned earlier is the forfeiture allegation.  The feds alleged that a toy bb gun, a miniature baseball bat, and an assortment of cell phones and computer tablets belonged to Mr. Graves. The allegation in the indictment could force a surrender of the items. Feds alleged he used all those items during the course of the crimes which the jury has now definitively determined he did in fact commit. Goal is to seize all the electronics he used in the commission of the crimes he was just convicted of.

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Day 4 of Keith Graves’ trial

Jury Box in a court room. Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Jury Box in a court room. Photo courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Andrew Sheeler reports in Bismarck Tribune: Alleged driver testifies against Graves.

On day 4 of the trial, three more women testified of being abused.

Article is not as detailed as I would like, obviously. Text says one of the three avoided being trafficked and mentioned her cousin was exploited. That seems to be the same comment as yesterday, but also seems to be from a different person.

One woman testified on Tuesday, four more Wednesday, and three yesterday would equal eight witnesses, which is the number of women alleged to have been trafficked in the indictment.

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Keith Graves trial still set for October 19


Image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Keith Graves is still headed towards starting his trial on October 19th. He faces 11 federal charges, which includes allegations of trafficking seven different women, possession of a controlled substance, and distribution of methamphetamines.

On September 22nd, Keith Graves standby counsel requested the trial be delayed. Reason for the requested continuance is the standby counsel was scheduled to argue a case in front of the 8th circuit Court of Appeals on the scheduled first day of the trial. The court denied the request on September 25 stating the judge had been advised by the capital Appeals Court that the hearing had been postponed.

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