Eagle Ford shale field production – economic impact report

The University of Texas at San Antonio released a report describing the Economic Impact of the Eagle Ford Shale.

The study describes the same boom-time problems in the Eagle Ford field as exist in the Bakken area – restaurants struggling to hire enough staff to stay open, hotels fully booked, RV parks going up everywhere, and a crush of school children arriving for classes whose parents are living in an RV & not paying property taxes to fund the schools.

The report describes in detail that production increased dramatically from 2010 to 2011.  It makes projections for 10 years out. Continue reading “Eagle Ford shale field production – economic impact report”

How big a play is Eagle Ford? Huge.

ConocoPhillips is planning to focus on Eagle Ford.

FuelFix reports in their article Shale gas “a blessing” for U.S. Mulva says:

Mulva {who is the retiring CEO of ConocoPhillips} said the company this year plans to drill 160 wells in the Eagle Ford shale in South Texas, 300 wells in the Permian Basin in West Texas and up to 30 wells in North Texas’ Barnett shale.

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Putting the Bakken and Eagle Ford shale fields into perspective

Let’s talk round numbers.  Half a million barrels of oil a day from each of two new fields, Bakken and Eagle Ford.  Minimal production just a few years ago. I’m making a totally wild guess that production will double in the next year or less.

There’s an old game of If such-and-such was its own country, it would be the Xth largest in the world. For example, if California were its own country, only six European countries would be larger in population.

Let’s play that game with just the Bakken and Eagle Ford fields.

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Eagle Ford – Another amazing oil field to watch

There’s an astounding increase in oil and gas production from the Eagle Ford region in Texas in the last 15 months.  That field starts north of Laredo and runs to the northeast.

Key tidbits from this post by Energy Information AdministrationEagle Ford oil and natural gas well starts rose sharply in first quarter 2012: Continue reading “Eagle Ford – Another amazing oil field to watch”