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Update on the open frontiers – 4/29

There are amazing things going on in the wide open frontiers of technology and eduction. Here’s a few articles that caught my eye.


4/6 – American Interest (Peter)Jobs of the Future, Travel Agent EditionArticle suggests demand for travel agents is growing and could even outstrip the supply soon.

How can this possibly be? I thought the ‘net deleted the need for travel agents.

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You can hire someone to take your online class. Um, anyone see an ethics problem here?

We Take Your Class is a web service that offers to have a tutor take your online test or complete an online project. They can even take your entire online course.

Wow.  Cheating for hire.

You can find them here on your own.

Their pitch:

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Higher Ed revolution is well underway – Marginal Revolution University opens its electronic doors.

I’ve been wanting to start commenting on the big changes in on-line education. Wanted to introduce the ideas as a part of a big series of posts I have in mind, but change is running far faster than my limited time to write. So I’ll start commenting before having chance to introduce the overarching idea….

Two economists, Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, have started an on-line college. Marginal Revolution University will offer their first class on Development Economics starting October 1st.

The professors are structuring their curriculum for the online environment from scratch. Videos will be recorded uniquely for the course and will be structured in short, five-minute blocks.

Here is a short description of the course:

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Higher education in trouble

There is a tsunami wave out in the ocean that’s headed toward the higher ed shore.

Don’t know exactly how tall it is or how wide. Can’t quite make out the exact form but it is large and it is on the way.

The tsunami is online courses.

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