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The wide open frontier in publishing offers freedom and control

An author can write what’s desired and control the whole process. That’s a huge change from the traditional publishing world.  Takes a lot of work and new skills, but there’s tremendous latitude to go wherever you want.

Talking in terms of the emotions of each stage, Kristine Kathryn Rusch walks through The Stages of An Indie Writer.

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Impact of the technology revolution has barely begun

That we haven’t seen the full impact of IT is a comment I heard the first time a few years ago. That sort of made sense but didn’t really register. This blog is focused on sorting out that change. The idea that the technology revolution has barely begun finally clicked for me with a column by Matthew Yglesias – Why I’m Optimistic About Growth and Innovation.

A few industries have seen huge impact from technology. Think of book publishing, journalism, and music. Those industries have been turned upside down. I read a lot and listen to a bit of music so am quite attuned to those areas. The way everyone consumes news has been transformed. I regularly read dozens of blogs a day. They just appear on my computer screen with a mouse click or two. I’ve always been a news junkie, and my consumption has soared in the last few years.

However, as big as those industries are, they are a small part of the total economy.

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Insight to the publishing world from the author’s perspective

Bruce Schneier is writing a new book, Liars and Outliers.  He has been posting updates all year on the project.  First comment on his blog was in February.

He’s had several updates since then.  All of them provide a view of the publishing world from the author’s perspective.  His update this week, Status Report: Liars and Outliers, summarizes where he’s been and what the next few months will hold.

For me, as a microscopic part of the publishing world, it’s been fun to watch the progress.  Here is a recap: Read more…

Another revolutionary step in the publishing industry – Amazon.com becomes a publisher

Amazon is moving into the publishing arena.  Not just e-publishing books in Kindle format, but the full-blown publishing gig.

I’ve only started to understand what they are doing, but it will be one more radical change in the publishing world.

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