Smartphone sales are looking like a Shuttle takeoff

Don’t quite know how to get my head around this.

Remember the view when the Shuttle engines and rockets lit off?  Millions of pounds of spaceship are up and outta’ here.  

In a flash it’s clear of the pad and a few moments later it’s miles high and hundreds of miles downrange.  Smartphone sales are on that kind of curve.

Mark Perry, at Carpe Diem, points to this article by E.D. Kain at Forbes:  Smartphone Shipments Top PCs For The First Time Ever.

Last year a total of 487.7 million smartphones were shipped. Only 414.6 million PCs, which include tablet PCs, shipped. That’s a 62.7 percent increase on shipments of smartphones over 2010

More smartphones sold than PCs. Amazing.

Mark Perry also points to an article by Henry Blodget, Apple’s iPhone Busines Alone is Now Bigger Than All Of Microsoft.

Can’t possibly top Mr. Blodget’s opening 3 paragraphs:

Apple’s iPhone business alone is now bigger than Microsoft.

Not Windows. Not Office. Microsoft.

Think about that.

The iPhone just by itself, without all the other i-thingies, has more sales than every product inside Microsoft. Combined.


The iPhone is 5 years old.  Six years ago the iPhone was a secret idea. Now it’s bigger than Microsoft.

Ponder beyond the smartphone market.  What could be next?  Something that will come out next year that will be bigger than Amazon in 10 years? Something that will replace smartphones entirely?

In 15 years, can you picture something so overwhelmingly successful that Facebook or Google then is like the fading memory of MySpace or 54k dialup today?

The future is so bright we all need sunglasses.

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