Putting North Dakota oil production into perspective

Here are a few stats on energy production in North Dakota from Mark Perry’s post, North Dakota Sets More Oil Productions Records in November; Above 500k Daily Barrels for First Time:

I will rearrange his comments. All of the following are quotes:

Let’s look at oil production in North Dakota:

…doubled from 246,000 barrels per day two years ago

…month of November at a daily rate of 509,754 barrels

…on track to break the 600,000 barrels per day level by next March, (note: that would be 3-12)

break the 700,000 level by next August, and

exceed 800,000 barrels per day by the end of this year. (note:  12-12)

ND production will pass a few US states this year. Current production:

…California (539,000 barrels per day)

…Alaska (555,000 bpd)

(Are you kidding me? ND passing up Alaska before summer? California?)

ND is already a bigger oil producer than a few countries. Look at our imports from:

…Colombia (364,000 bpd)

…Iraq (422,000 bpd).

…Ecuador’s daily production of 485,000 barrels.

By the end of the 2012,

…North Dakota oil could be enough to displace either Venezuela’s or Nigeria’s imports.

Check out the full post. Cool graph.

North Dakota is one lucrative place for new oil production. I’ve read Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and maybe Oklahoma might be due for new oil booms.

Here’s your brain-stretcher question for the day – how do things change if the US becomes energy self-sufficient?

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