What portion of U.S. based drilling rigs are in Bakken and Eagle Ford?


One-fourth of the active rigs in the U.S. are located in those two areas.

There are 1,959 rigs working as of June 29, 2012. As I mentioned here, there are 215 rigs in Bakken and 278 in Eagle Ford. That means 11.0% of the U.S. rigs are in Bakken and 14.2% are in Eagle Ford. That totals to 25.2% of U.S. rigs in two plays.

I got to wondering what portion of the national drilling was in those two areas. A few minutes of research gave me plenty of info.

The two sources I’m using are WTRG Economics and Baker Hughes rig count

The WTRG site has more top-level data on one page along with a lot of great charts. The Baker Hughes site has an incredible amount of more detailed information.

What else did I learn?

Shift from gas to oil.

The number of rigs drilling for oil increased from 1,006 year ago to 1,421 now, an increase of 415. The number of rigs drilling for gas declined dramatically from 874 a year ago to 534 now, a drop of 340.   For oil rigs, that is an increase of 41%.  For gas, that is a drop of 39%.

The portion of rigs drilling for oil increased from 53% a year ago to 73% now.

Worldwide drilling is concentrated in the United States.

Of the total rig count worldwide of 3,298, 60% is in the United States, 5% in Canada, with 35% spread across the rest of the world.

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