North Dakota oil production passes 660,000 level in June 2012

Average daily oil production in North Dakota for June 2012 hit 660,322 bopd, which is an increase of 20,341 over May.  The May increase was 30,469 barrels per day, or 5.0%.

Something I noticed this month is that the monthly data is revised just a bit in following months. That means if you keep your own set of stats for number crunching, like I do, you need check to see if the data was revised.

Number of wells increased to 7,130.

Here is a graph of monthly production:


You can find the data here.

Average daily production per well is continuing to increase slightly. In the last 4 months, average daily production has increased from 87, to 90, to 92, and to 93 in June.

Digging deeper, this is because of the higher number of wells coming on-line in the Bakken formation. If we look at the average daily production for Bakken wells, which can be found here, the daily rate is in the 139 to 144 range for the last 12 months. Thus the slow increase in average in the state is the change in mix – more Bakken wells coming on-line.

Other discussion on the record production level is at:

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