Guess for Eagle Ford production

I’ll start noting forecasts for Eagle Ford production when I see them.

RBN Energy has a report on the infrastructure that moves condensate from the wells to the refineries in their post – Knocking on Heaven’s Dorr – The Eagle Ford Crude Story Part III.

The lengthy post starts with this comment:

Eagle Ford crude production is close to 600 Mb/d as of July 2012. Most forecasts show that number increasing to about 1,200 Mb/d over the next five years.

If the estimate is correct, that puts Eagle Ford just behind the North Dakota Bakken field in production. Also, that means Eagle Ford will likely surpass Bakken output in a couple of years.

The article continues by suggesting that the midstream companies are expecting output to surpass the 1.2 million level.

Takeaway projects being developed today to go online by 2013 have capacity for 1,650 Mb/d. The midstream companies building these projects are either wildly optimistic or they know something about Eagle Ford production that we don’t.

Ummm. I think I’ll go with them knowing something the rest of us don’t.

Check out the full article. It is a good brain stretcher for newbies like me.

(h/t milliondollarway blog)

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