N.D. oil production hits 674K bopd in July 2012

Average daily production in North Dakota is 674,066 barrels of oil per day (bopd) in July.

The June data was adjusted up for late reporting. Now the June production is 664,618 bopd compared to the previously reported 660,322 bopd.

That is an increase of 13,734 over the previously reported amount, or 2.08%.

Production for wells in the Bakken field only are 609,579 in July, 598,512 in June, 577,356 in May. In July 2011, Bakken only wells produced 360,469. That is an increase of 249,110 bopd, or 69%, in one year.

Number of producing wells in the state is 7,303.

I’ll skip including a production graph this month.

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