Now massive change is starting to undercut the effectiveness of blogging

We need to work really hard to stay ahead of the massive change taking place. That’s the concept of this blog. Mark Schaefer points out that the rising use of mobile phones is reducing some of the effective parts of blogging.

Wow! Yet more change. This time affects bloggers, who otherwise are fairly well advanced on the coping-with-change curve.

In Five ways the mobile revolution impacts your blog, he explains an increasing number of people use the smart phone as primary access to the ‘net. That small screen drops out a lot of information that appears on a full-screen.

Here’s some stats:

Today, about 28% of Americans use their smartphone as their first point of access for the Internet and we are behind many other regions of the world like Scandinavia and the Middle East where more than 50% of the adult population uses a mobile device as the “first screen” for the Internet.

Lots of implications.  He mentions five.  I’ll point out two.

He explains it is difficult to read comments and write them. That reduces engagement.

The small screen leaves out lots of stuff, especially what’s on the sidebar. That means the mobile reader doesn’t see other recent posts, most popular posts, categories, search box, and subscribe by e-mail or RSS feed boxes.

If you’re a blogger, check out the full post. Good stuff to think about and try to outrun.

2 thoughts on “Now massive change is starting to undercut the effectiveness of blogging”

  1. Jim,

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I hope to fit this into my “Things to write about” list.

    What a great job you do with this blog! There’s a reason why you are the CPA blogger whom I follow.

    Dave Albrecht

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