“If Bakeries Worked Like Wind Power”..

…is the name of a fun fable at Why not wind power.

The story tells of Kevin who starts a bakery making sugar-free baked goods made possible only with heavy subsidies from the government. Even with that, his baked goods are more expensive than the other bakers in town. 

The local city requires all citizens to buy 20% of their baked goods from Kevin, which they do and then throw them away so they can go buy something tasty. Kevin’s store is open at various hours, only occasionally when people are out doing their daily shopping.

Other bakers complain that Kevin in using space, electricity, grain, labor, and government subsidies that could better be used elsewhere, but their complaints are ignored because they just don’t understand health issues in general and the baking industry in particular.

Read the rest of the fable to see if Kevin succeeds.

If you know much about the slice-and-dice industry, you can make a good guess on the ending of the story:

The government holds fast and keeps giving Kevin more grants and subsidies, in spite of mounting evidence that the only one benefitting from all of this is Kevin and his employees. Anyone who disagrees just does not understand economics.

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