“If Bakeries Worked Like Wind Power”..

…is the name of a fun fable at Why not wind power.

The story tells of Kevin who starts a bakery making sugar-free baked goods made possible only with heavy subsidies from the government. Even with that, his baked goods are more expensive than the other bakers in town. 

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Demo of 3-D printer that can create anything. Anything!

Check out this 3-D printer. The video demo shows this odd contraption as it prints leather shoes, screen doors, plastic jugs, aluminum cans, a complete sofa, tennis balls and leather belts. Even edible fruit and vegetables.

The inputs are a little peculiar though.

In the back of my mind, I am wondering if someone is pulling my leg, but I don’t think so.  Some misinformed people may claim this is actually a shredder, but those people are wrong.


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On buying pixels by the terabyte

I followed a link from one article, to another, and to yet another site.  There I found a blogger at the site Hogewash.com with this tagline:

Never pick fight with a man who buys pixels by the terabyte.

There’s two funny things in that line that got me chuckling.

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What number did you have in mind?

The executive search committee had narrowed down the candidates for the company’s next president to four people.  The final four:  a high school algebra teacher, an attorney, an engineer, and a CPA.

The subcommittee had one final question to distinguish between the four. With everyone gathered together, they asked “What is 2 and 2?”

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Prices have information – they drive buyers and sellers

I can’t explain all the economics lessons in the following joke, but can tell there are many.  Funny thing about prices is that they motivate buyers and sellers.  Prices contain a lot of information.  We need to interpret them well.  Here’s an insight on pricing and human behavior:


A woman walks into a butcher shop and asks the butcher how much a pound of tenderloin is.

“$12 per pound,” replies the butcher.

“Are you sure? That can’t be,” says the lady.

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One possible reason your benefits package at work might be shrinking

In this economy, it is difficult for employers to keep providing great benefits.  Check out this email from Mikey’s Funnies. It just might explain why the benefits package from your employer isn’t really great and might even be shrinking.


A woman, searching for a job, inquired about the benefits. The Personnel Manager informed her they had group health and life insurance, but the costs were deducted from the employee’s pay.

She said, “My last employer had full health coverage, as well as five years salary for life insurance and a month’s sick leave AND they paid the full premiums.”

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