More data points on building power plants using natural gas and solar

It is far more expensive to build solar or wind plants than natural gas. A few more data points:

8/25 – Million Dollar Way – Power Plant Costs – For the Archives – August 25, 2014; Cost of Renewable Energy – Staggering – Bruce Oksol accumulates some costs for building different kinds of power facilities:

From a 3/20/14 article:

  • $3.0M / MW – solar
  • $2.5M / MW – wind
  • $0.85M / MW – natural gas

New data points:

  • $0.73M / MW – natural gas – Purchase of an existing 726MW natural gas power plant for $530M. See MDW for two links identifying capacity at 726 MW. See Calpine scoops up power plant for more than half a billion for price tag of $530M. Article says price is $655/kW, which equals $0.65M/MW. I’ll go with the MDW calc of $730 using cited power capacity.
  • $3.9M / MW – solar – Verizon building 10.2MW of new solar facilities for price tag of $40M. See article at Sunpower here.

So that means about $4M/MW for only-when-the-sun-shines power and about $0.7M/MW for all-the-time power.

Roughly 5 times as expensive. Ouch.

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