More good stuff on the open frontier of technology – 3/26

Some fun articles on how pastries are made, a new way of looking at the phrase “Kodak moment”, and there are more challenges to the commercial use of drones than just the new regulations.

How Hostess makes Twinkies and Cupcakes:


3/17 – How’s this for a major change in the way your advertising tag line is interpreted? My friend John Bredehoft sent the following tweet:

kodak tweet


I wanna’ remember this forever


This company is gonna’ die.

3/21 – Wall Street Journal – Technical Hurdles Delay Drone Deliveries – Regulations are a big hurdle for commercial use of drones to deliver packages.

Even bigger technical issues are holding up UPS, DHL, and Amazon. Sufficient reliability of GPS to allow dropping package at your doorstep instead of the neighbors or into the pool is a major challenge. Battery life is another issue. Fully autonomous delivery is a ways off. Weather and neighbors with guns (that’s what the article said without further explanation) are other challenges.

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