When we think through an issue far enough to develop a considered opinion, that gives us a bias that everyone else is wrong.

Image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com
Image courtesy of DollarPhotoClub.com

Ponder the implications for how you look at the world:

When you have developed a perspective or opinion or conclusion on some issue after having thought through all the relevant factors, there is a serious danger that reaching such a conclusion leaves you thinking that anyone with a different perspective is incorrect.

If your carefully drawn, considered opinion is reasonable, then the inference is that other opinions aren’t reasonable.

That is the point made by Tim Harford in his blog post, Delusions of objectivity, in which he discusses a new book The Wisest One in the Room. This is called “naïve realism”.

If we try really, really hard we might be able to keep in mind our thought out positions give us a built-in bias. When we forget this, which is probably most of the time, we will likely conclude that anyone with a different opinion than me is either an idiot or a maniac. Or obviously biased. Or just wrong.

I hope to come back to this topic of bias and objectivity at some point. I want to cover it with a couple of posts. Want to make a short comment on this article in case it is a long time before I write at length.

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