2 more successful recoveries of space boosters

As Behind the Black likes to say, the competition heats up. Very cool.

4/3 – Tech Crunch – Blue Origin releases video from third launch and landing of New Shepard – Blue Origin successfully launched and recovered a booster again. This is the third launch and landing of that specific lift vehicle.

Blue Origin is Jeff Bezo’s space company.

The video:


4/7 – Wall Street Journal – SpaceX Lands Portion of Spent Rocket on Floating PlatformSpaceX nailed the landing of its booster on a floating platform. They have had four failures to recover at sea and one successful recovery back on land (which required a lot of extra fuel). Was just a matter of time until they nailed it.

I do hope it will now become the norm to recover the lift stage.

Behind the Black provided the best link to video I’ve seen yet:


Oh, this launch also successfully delivered a load of cargo to the ISS. Delivery of cargo to space by private companies is old news. Still extremely cool.

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