Value of monthly oil production in North Dakota through April 2018

Fourteen wells are on that pad, which is on the south side of Williston near the Missouri River. Photo by James Ulvog.

Previously discussed the near-record level of oil production in the state during April. Here is the graph of average daily production since 2004:

What is the value of that oil? Multiply those average daily production levels by days in the month and then multiply by the following average sweet crude prices in the state:

That gives my calculation of the value of total monthly production:

If you like having gasoline available at any gas station in your community at the moment you want to get a tank filled, that is a really cool graph.

Just one of many thousands of reasons as much gasoline is available as you want at any time you want. Photo by James Ulvog.

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Looks like a good read. I have a looooong wish list of books I want to read and I’ll add this to the list. Fiction books that explain economics are quite a fun concept.
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