In 2018, North Dakota oil production broke record level of output 6 times during 8 months.

Two things to notice. Lots of space between pumpjacks means there will eventually be several more wells on that pad. Lack of any storage tanks means the pad is tied directly to an underground pipeline. Photo by James Ulvog.

Oil production in North Dakota hit an all time high of an average of 1,229,572 barrels of oil per day (bopd) back in December 2014.  The effort by Saudi Arabia to flood the market in order to drive down prices in order to collapse the US shale industry slowed production in North Dakota but didn’t succeed in killing the shale sector.

Output fell to a low of 942,322 bopd in December 2017. Output then started rising with a typical slowdown in winter of 2017/2018.  After the winter lull production again climbed.

In 2018, producers in North Dakota broke the record level of production six times in the last eight months. The record-breaking months:

month ave BOPD
December-14             1,229,572
May-18             1,248,222
July-18             1,269,315
August-18             1,292,513
September-18             1,359,284
October-18             1,392,407
December-18             1,401,385


Oh, by the way, 20 or 40 years ago the petroleum wizards had no clue whatsoever on how to get more than 100K bopd of that oil out of the ground.  Now the production is far above a million barrels a day. I must again ask:

What peak oil?

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