Where are they now? Players in Silk Road, the on-line bazaar for drugs, explosives, and body parts.

Mr. Ulbricht’s housing area for either the rest of his life or until the Feds decide to move  him to another facility for the rest of his life:  Federal Correctional Complex Tucson FCI Tucson Arizona Overhead View by Prison Insight is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Time for a follow-up on the status and jail location of the major players in the Silk Road, dark web fiasco. If you need lots and lots of background, check out this tag.

Bureau of Prisons’ inmate locator service, some online searching, and previous reporting provides this info:


Ross William Ulbricht, a/k/a “Dread Pirate Roberts”, “DPR” – Silk Road mastermind – age 35.

Register number 18870-111.

Serving Life Sentence. (In the federal system, I think “life” means life.)

In 12/18 he was confined at Florence (Colorado) – High security U.S. Penitentiary, that is the ‘super-max’. On 9/2/19 he is confined at Tucson U.S. Penitentiary, a high security prison.

Update 11/21/19– Still at Tucson USP and still showing Life as release date.


Roger Thomas Clark – a/k/a “Variety Jones”, allegedly Mr. Ulbricht’s deputy – age 57

Register number 85816-054.

Release date listed as unknown. Currently held at Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center.

He was extradited to the US in June 2018 after having been held in Thailand for two and a half years.

In January 2019 and again in March 2019 Mr. Clark asked the judge for more time to prepare his defense. He was provided a mere 8.5 terrabytes of data upon his discovery request. Article says that is something in the range of 500 million pages of documents.

Math exercise:

If printed, the discovery material would consume 100,000 cases of paper (10 reams to a case).  Stack those cases 7 high for a roughly six foot tall stack.

You would have 14,285 stacks of paper, each containing 7 cases, or 70 reams.

Stack those columns of paper in a square, with zero space to move between each stack, and the columns of paper would be 9,275  feet long on a side. That is 1.76 miles long by 1.76 miles wide, by 7 feet tall.

Yeah, I suppose Mr. Clark does need a bit more time to go through that material.

Mr. Clark requested deadline of March 2020 for motions and a trial in September 2020.

Previous report suggested the trial date was 9/13/19.

Quick search on the ol’ ‘net doesn’t show his current trial date.

Update 11/21/19 – Release date still listed as unknown. Still held at Brooklyn MDC.


Andrew Michael Jones, a/k/a “Inigo” – administrator at Silk Road – age 30

Register number 83656-083.

He pleaded guilty in October 2018. As of 9/2/19 release date listed as unknown, held at New York MCC. BOP has shown detention at that location with unknown release date since last check on his status back on 12/19/18.

Update 11/21/19 – Held at Allenwood Low FCI, with release date of 8/4/23. That suggests a sentence of around 5 years.  Allenwood is a low security prison, located in Allenwood, PA.


Gary Davis (no mention of middle name), a/k/a “Libertas” – high level administrator at Silk Road, forum moderator – Age 30 in 10/18.

Register number – not sure but most likely 85926-054 85928-054.

He was extradited from Ireland in July 2018.

He was sentenced to 78 months in prison back on 7/25/19. Also drew 3 years supervised release and fine of $25,000. With 53 days early release for each full year and initial incarceration in 7/18, I calculate an expected release of about 3/24.

BOP website has many “Gary Davis” listings.  Of those, 6 are currently in custody, 1 is not in custody, and 39 are released. Of the 6 in custody it looks like the Gary Davis of Silk Road infamy is either Gary Davis, 79647-054, age 29, black, held in New York MCC or Gary Davis, 85926-054 85928-054, age 31, white, held at Brooklyn MDC, both with no middle initial. The other Gary Davis names listed as being in custody are aged 59, 54, 50, and 39. Looks like it is most likely 85926-054.

Update 11/21/19 – My calculation of release date:

  • 7/18 – extradited, which I’ll guess is start of credit for time served
  • 78 months, or 6 years 6 months – sentence
  • 10 months – early release, calculated at 6 full years times 53 days per full year, which equals 318 days, or just over 10 months, maybe 10.4
  • 2/24 – my guess at release date

Gary Davis, register 85928-054, age 31 has release date of 1/13/24. That matches age of 30 in 10/18. That release date is very close to my calculation, so I’ll figure this is the guy involved in Silk Road.  The other Gary Davis listings show release dates of unknown, 4/34, 1/20, 5/20, and 5/29. Age for those four are 39, 50, 59, and 54.

If my analysis is correct, Mr. Davis is confined at Moshannon Valley CI, which is a low security contracted prison located in Philipsburg, PA.


Peter Phillip Nash; listed at BoP with one “L” in middle name – lower level administrator age 45,

Register number 92226-054.

Sentenced to 17 months.

BOP lists him as released on 5/28/15, which corresponds nicely with the day after he was sentenced to time served.


Carl Mark Force – DEA agent investigating Silk Road, who took bribes from Silk Road in return of for info on the investigation. Age 50.

Register number 58633-037.

Sentenced to 78 months.

Expected release date 11/26/2020. Confined at McCreary U.S. Penitentiary, which is a high security prison, located in Pine Knot, Kentucky. Last time I checked in 12/18, thought the McCreary prison was listed as medium security.  I learned from watching Keith Graves that the category of facilities will sometimes change. Victorville also went from medium to high.

Update 11/21/19 – Expected release date is 10/12/20. McCreary is still listed as high security.


Shaun Bridges – Secret Service agent investigating Silk Road. Stole $820,000 from Silk Road.  Age 37.

Register number 20436-111.

Sentenced to 71 months in prison and $500,000 restitution.

Expected release date 12/13/2022.  Currently confined at Petersburg (Virginia) Medium Federal Correctional Institution. In 12/18 he was confined at Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institution. Both Petersburg and Terre Haute are medium security prisons.

Update 12/21/19 – Still showing release date of 12/13/22 and held at Petersburg.


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