Where is he now? Keith Graves, star of “The Overnighters” documentary

Federal Correctional Institution Pekin Illinois Front by Prison Insight is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Update 9/17/20 – Bureau of Prisons website shows Mr. Graves has scheduled release date of 5/17/43. He is still in Pekin FCI.

Update 5/2/22 – Scheduled release date per BoP is 6/26/43. Still at Pekin FCI.

Recap of posted release dates:

  • 5/19/16 – release date 12/24/43
  • 10/23/18 – release date 12/24/43; no change
  • 8/31/19 – release date 1/5/44; slippage of 12 days
  • 9/17/20 – release date 5/17/43; about 7½ months earlier; which is 22 years 8 months from now
  • 5/2/22  – release date 6/27/43; slippage of 42 days

He is age 44 as of 9/17/2220, so he will be 66 or 67 years old at his schedule release date.

If you were reading my blog a few years ago, you recall lots of discussion of the documentary The Overnighters. The movie provides one perspective on the oil boom in Williston, North Dakota.

As you may recall, one of the main characters was a fellow by the name of Keith Graves. He was identified by the director as one of the individuals who “survived” the tumult seen during the time the movie was filmed. If you want to catch up on his story, check out this link.

Where is he now?

Federal prison.

Subsequent developments revealed he was also trafficking women as he lived in the church and then the pastor’s basement claiming his “I’m the one you did wrong” routine with the pastor.

After release of the movie he was indicted, tried, and convicted on five counts of human trafficking, one count of drug distribution, and one count of drug possession. He was sentenced to 33 years and nine-months in federal prison.

Back in October 2018 his scheduled release date was on December 24, 2043. At that time he was in the Victorville, California Medium II Federal Correctional Institute.

As a status update, I just checked the Bureau of Prisons inmate locator. His expected release date is now January 5, 2044. That is a slippage of 12 days. If you want to check for yourself, he is listed as Keith A. Graves, register number 13523-059, age 43.

His current location is listed as the Federal Correctional Institution in Pekin, Illinois, a medium security prison with adjacent minimum security satellite camp.

Federal Correctional Institution Pekin Illinois Overhead View by Prison Insight is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Did some quick checking at the Federal Bureau of Prisons website. There are five levels of security:

  • Minimum – Work camps, with minimal or no fencing on the perimeter.
  • Low
  • Medium – Pekin is in this category and last fall so was Victorville.
  • High – Victorville is now in this category, which would be why Mr. Graves is no longer there.
  • Administrative – these are pretrial detention locations and those providing specialized medical care.

6 thoughts on “Where is he now? Keith Graves, star of “The Overnighters” documentary”

    1. Hi Scott:

      Not surprised there is nothing on line. My information is a bit dated, say a year to two in the past, but I hear tell Mr. Reinke was at the time still in Williston and still worshiping at the church where he pastored. I won’t be going into a discussion of the dynamics behind that status.

      Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. I’ve been on vacation and also rather busy lately.


  1. Keith is my Cousin. No one is perfect. We all fall short in some way or another. I won’t go into right or wrong that’s something I’ll keep to Myself. But what I will say is we, speaking in general will never no the whole truth because we weren’t there. Blessings to you all

    1. Hello “Jane”:
      I have been around long enough (meaning I’ve been kicked around by life on plenty of occasions) to realize there is always more to a story than is in public and far, far more than meets the eye. I have also seen enough wrong results to acknowledge that the trial results are not always right in absolutely every situation. What I know is from public reports, court filings, a portion of what was presented at trial, and the decision by the jury.

      One of the unacknowledged consequences of a person getting tangled up in the legal system is the person’s family and friends suffer. Reading between the few lines of your comment, I perceive you are hurting. May God give you comfort.

      Thank you for commenting. That is brave, especially on a blog where there have been a long series of posts discussing your cousin.

      Blessings and peace to you and to your extended family,

      1. Hi Sarah:
        Thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope you are moving forward in the process of recovering from your ordeal.

        If it is of any comfort, I just checked the Bureau of Prison’s website. His release date is June 27, 2043, about 21 years from now.

        May God give you comfort and recovery,

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