Cost of Los Angeles and Las Vegas football stadiums

3d rendering of an outlined stadium. Image courtesy of Adobe Stock.

It is fascinating to see the cost of large projects. Check out the price tag for new football stadiums in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Los Angeles

The new stadium under construction in Los Angeles which, will be the home of the Rams and Chargers, will run a cool $5 billion.

The stadium is designed to seat 70,240 with expanded capacity of 100,000 for super-large events.  There will also be a 6,000 seat venue on the 298 acre site along with hotels, offices, and retail space. The whole complex will run an estimated $10 billion.

For context of humongous numbers, the brand new aircraft carrier U.S.S. Ford is expected to cost $13 billion.

Las Vegas stadium

The new stadium under construction adjacent to the I-15 freeway in Las Vegas is reported to run about $2 billion. That will be the new home stadium for the Raiders.

For more details check out the Wall Street Journal on 9/13/19: Inside the NFL’s $5 Billion Bet to Make Football Work in L.A.

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